TF#37- Schlüsselblumen or Primula veris

Happy Sunday to all! These flowers caught my attention as I went walking with my husband this afternoon. I asked him what kind of flowers are these. He told me that it is called Schlüsselblumen in German. I gave a name in English. I told my husband, it is then called in English "Key flowers". Schlüsselblumen came from two words, Schlüssel and blumen which means key and flowers respectively.

As I search about it in Wikipedia, this is what it is exactly called.
Primula veris (Cowslip; syn. Primula officinalis Hill) is a flowering plant in the genus Primula. The species is native throughout most of temperate Europe and Asia, and although absent from more northerly areas including much of northwest Scotland, it reappears in northernmost Sutherland and Orkney.

photo of the Schlüsselblumen which I took today with my Sony model DSC-W110

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DeniseinVA said...

I am very late and I apologize. My son has been moving from an old apartment into a new one and we have been helping him. I am glad I didn't miss this lovely photograph and appreciate very much that you have shared it with Today's Flowers. Hope you will come back next time. Thank you so much.