TF#36- Red Tulips in Our Garden

I'm finally here after the whole day of spending my time in our garden. I took this photo of the tulips in our garden today. Aren't they beautiful? Imagine I have around five hundred photos taken in our garden today..different hours in the day, different angles of the tulip flowers..I love flowers! I got more next time!

red tulips in our garden which I just took today...very lovely flowers!!


editor said...

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Rosamaria said...

Hi! You have a very nice blog, Angel and beautiful shots!
If you took so many photos, why did you posted only one?

Thanks for your visit.

Have a good week!

Euroangel said...

Hi Steinar..following you blogs you got..

wow love your name..Rosamaria..rosa is my mother's name...and maria that's the first name of my 2 first names...thanks for the visit here..promised to post more photos next week...

DeniseinVA said...

They are indeed beautiful tulips. Thank you very much for posting them in Today's Flowers.