Curious What a Pixel Is?

I have been seeing digital cameras in tv's, advertisements, newspapers, etc or even my own camera. I got three anyway excluding my 3 cellphones that also have cameras. I know a little about it. The first HP digital camera I had has 5 megapixel. The highest pixel of my camera now is 10 mp. I am not a professional photographer. I just love taking pictures of anything, something or taking photos of me or my friends or family. The other day , I was just curious because I was uploading a photo to a certain website to make as postcards. I can't do that because it always says that the photo I uploaded only have low pixel. To have a more understanding about pixel, I consulted Wikipedia about it..thanks a lot for this very informative article about it is..

In digital imaging, a pixel (or picture element) is the smallest item of information in an image. Pixels are normally arranged in a 2-dimensional grid, and are often represented using dots, squares, or rectangles. Each pixel is a sample of an original image, where more samples typically provide more-accurate representations of the original. The intensity of each pixel is variable; in color systems, each pixel has typically three or four components such as red, green, and blue, or cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

The word pixel is based on a contraction of pix ("pictures") and el (for "element"); similar formations with el for "element" include the words: voxel and texel. source:

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