My Sister's Wedding

I called back home today due to some emergency. It was really not bad but I got worried because I received an Instant Message in my yahoo messenger that I have to call home if I want to know the full details. Our house is just some meters away from the ocean (as you can see some photos I posted here some days ago). My sisters said that a lot of wooden houses near the beach were carried by strong waves of the sea. Our house is concrete but I still get worried. Thanks God that everything was fine with my family except for some damages on the seawall near the house.

Another topic is the Church wedding of my sister in Mindanao which will be on January 27 of this month. She already gave away wedding invitations including me but sad to say that I can't attend. I am almost ten thousand miles away from home. Besides we are planning to have a vacation this year God's will!! My sister and her husband had already a civil wedding seven years ago. This time they want to have a blessing from the Church which I also find good. Some family members and relatives in Cebu will go to Mindanao starting next week for the wedding..Good luck to you Sistah!! miss you all!! God bless us all!!!

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