I miss Home P2

This was the latest photo send by my sisters back home. I love this place and truly want to go home this year... In God's will! I hope that the blessing will come soon so that I can immediately go home. At least with my almost three years of hard work here abroad I have some achievements. This house is one of my greatest investment in life. Aside from my five siblings who have successfully graduated in college, I really considered this home a great investment. Not only that I built a home for my parents but this will also be our retiring home later. How would you love to live in this wonderful and lovely nature with fresh sea breeze every day! If you feel like swimming you can immediately jump to the water..very exciting!! This is somewhere in Cebu province!! cool place to stay!! mizyah home and my family too!!!! Lastly special thanks to my beloved Father who really did a lot in building this house...Miss and love you Pang, you are greaT!!

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Claw Machines said...

Murag sa San Remigio man ni. Unsa diay work nimo karon. Na a na diha imong family?