Beautiful Hohenfels

Happy Tuesday guys! I went to the bank this afternoon and made some transactions. After that, I proceeded to the Church to lit some candles. I usually try to do this every week, I mean going to the Church alone. I saw a stranger inside the Church taking some pictures..(like I always do). I get to know him and we had a good conversation especially about Hohenfels. He is a good guy and just visiting Hohenfels. I tried to tell him about Germany and some nice places here. He was also amazed by the beauty of our historical Church here in Hohenfels. St. Ullrich Church was built back in 1724 and is really a very beautiful Church. To see more pictures of this Church, please visit my Euro Travel and Adventure site and my Explore Germany site. The photo I posted here is with the permission of Ryan. He is from Florida, USA ! Hope you got a great time in Germany Ryan! Feel free to come back anytime!


Anonymous said...

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Euroangel said...

thanks for the visit..hapi!! tc