I Simply Love Entertainment

Does anybody don't like or love entertainment out there? what a messy question from me but I know there are also a lot of boring people out there. In fact I know some. But it doesn't matter anyway who they are and it is not my duty to mention here who they are too. For now I just want to tell you that I simply love entertainment. Yes it is true! Another fact is that I also spent two months vacation in the United States wherein I spent most of the time in Las Vegas. For sure, you know Las Vegas? Don't tell me you don't know this place, the so-called gaming and entertainment capital of the world. It was truly a lot of fun in Vegas. During my stay there, I partied a lot. It is especially true because one of my cousins there is an entertainer and sometimes I go with her to Ballys and partied with their band. She is a great singer for me.

I also watched some concerts and shows there. I am lucky to watch with my sister and her hubby, the famous Red Piano Concert of Elton John in Colosseum Caesars Palace. That was a great experience and a privilege for me to enter for the first time the famous Colosseum in Caesars Palace. Just a simple tip from me..if you want to watch a certain concert, it is better to search and buy in advance the cheapest tickets in internet. There are Concert Tickets available at Ticket Feeder. You can simply browse different singer, artists or a kind of concert you like. If you love to watch for example opera, rock, pop, R&B or whatever concert you are interested in, you can simply find it there. Not only that, if you love to watch sports or theaters too, tickets are also available in their site! come on, it is time to enjoy life now!! Don't wait for too long!! have fun and enjoy your life!! Remember the saying, "Life is Short". p.s. this photo was taken in Caesars Palace before we watch Elton John's concert. happy holidays!!

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