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Hi to all! How's life going on since the countdown for Christmas is almost here? It is weekend again. I woke up very late already as I also went to bed very late. Imagine I'm enjoying my sleep until 11:00 am. Not so bad. It is weekend and I can do what I want. Before the year ends, I am just curious about the statistics of this blog. Here they are as of today

Google PR = 3
Alexa =253,063..yesterday my widget says this was around 228 thousand something but my Alexa toolbar says 253,053....just confusing sometimes
technorati authority = 106 and 120 these are my old and new url respectively
technorati rank = 42,490

I just discover one site yesterday that also offer site ranking. It is This site of mine ran Ranks #41558 out of 3,783,534 websites. It is according to their statistics. I guess it is not so bad.

I wish you a nice weekend today guys!@! Tschuss!!

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