I was very happy after knowing that this blog is included in the TOP 10 PINOY EXPATS BLOG.
This blog is hosted and organized by Thougthskoto. Thanks a lot for considering this blog Mr. and Mrs. Thoughtskoto. It is a great act acknowledging fellow Filipinos abroad. Great job!!Keep it up!!

It is a great pleasure knowing that this site belongs to the TOP 10 as of this moment. To all my friends out there, if you think that this blog deserve to be included in the Top 10 PINOY EXPATS BLOG, Please vote for it. Please also visit the other blogs listed below. For more details of this voting, please also the site of the organizer, JBSolis in Thoughtskoto.

If ever you want to make donations to this project, simply visit the site of JBSolis. The proceeds will HELP POOR AND DESTITUTE FILIPINO CHILDREN EARN EDUCATION THROUGH SPONSORS AND DONATIONS.

MABUHAY ANG PINOY!! and I proudly say, No Matter What Happened, I am and will always be Filipino!!!

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Ken said...

Thank you for the support and for visiting our site always! You deserve to be in the top 10, for inspiring a lot of our kababayan!

Keep it up ruby!

Euroangel said...

your very welcome..thanks a lot too!! God bless to your family!! keep up the great job!!