Happy Thanksgiving!!

I would like to extend my greetings to all friends who celebrate Thanksgiving day today!! Have a safe and happy Holiday!! may God bless us all...More blessings to come!!
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Mixed and Motions said...

wazz up! wazz up girl! happy thanksgiving to u too! hey! i have tried in contact with Raquel and Chris to say hello and greet them happy thanksgiving 'til now never heard from them! I brought "danggit" from backhome so i can give some but none of them return my call! Is everything okay! By the way, I had a great time spending time with ur parents and siblings. Auntie Rosa reminded me so much of Lola Enar! she is such a character and funny! I kept on telling her to get well so she can visit you guys and can come with me the next time i visit so she has company during travel! she just give me a bright smile and looking forward to it! One good thing though she remembered me and Rosemarie is something! I have never seen anybody can eat a "SAGING" like nobody's business! and Wow! she can really eat!!! I just love her! you guys are great cousins and so much to be around! Love you guys! Best regards to ur hubby too! take care!