The Opening Sunday in Parsberg

photo by: Euroangel
there are a lot of people yesterday in Parsberg,,,here you can go shopping for different things..

I had a great time yesterday with my husband. We went to Parsberg since some stores and shops are open there. They have this so-called Errofnungssonntag which means Opening Sunday. We go around this small city, went some shopping and after that we went dine-out too. After visiting here, we proceeded to small village near Hormannsdorf and went walking too. That was a very nice sunny Sunday!! Hope you have a great weekend too!! visit my other sites for more updates!! take care everyone!!

That white building on top is the small castle in Parsberg..We went there one time too last April 2008. That pink building is a Pharmacy where I usually buy medicines or any stuff because I always got 5% discounts on everything that I pay. The blue building on the right side is the Raiffeisenbank.


Momgen said...

wow kaenjoy ani Ruby...Anyway i already put all 4 blogs you have ung=der the name Ruby with your blog title sorry heheh...

Awa diri

Euroangel said...

elow dae Gen..slamat kaayo ha...ok ra uy..importante na add..hehehe...ayo2 diha..asus enjoy mo lang!!