I Miss My Flowers!!

photo by: Euroangel

I miss my flowers especially that it is autumn time now where the leaves and the flowers outside our garden are slowly dying. Some of my Roses are still having flowers but some are dying too. Our wild grapes are slowly getting red. I will surely share some photos here when it will be totally red..The other good side of autumn time; the colorful and attractive surroundings in our place where trees' leaves are turning yellow, brown, red and orange!! Autumn is still beautiful despite being cold!! Regards to all!! I miss blog hopping already..Hopefully later or tomorrow!! Thanks a lot to all my friends who still keep on visiting here!! I really appreciate it!! see you later!! Enjoy the rest of your day!!


Jordan McClements said...

I love tulips!

faye said...

was here,,,
enjoy reading some of your blog.
have a nice day...