More photos during the Birthday party

the Vorspeise or the so=called appetizers during the 60th birthday of my husband's cousin named Renate!! wish you more birthdays to come and good health always!!

How was you first day of September??hope everything went great!! I'm fine but felt so tired today..guess its because the weather is changing again ..We went a bit walking in our place and enjoy the rainy/sunny day..well because it rained quick and later the sun came out again!! we even saw a rainbow up the sky..

just sharing some pix from the birthday party we attended yesterday. May this month of September be the beginning of a new and stress free life... wish you a too a great day today!!!

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I like the table arrangement in the party..I'm feeling like a prominent here after seeing that each table have names already and who can sit there...and I saw my name!!look!!

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