Blog Stats Update

I guess, once in a while we need to know the statistics of our blog. We need to know the standing of our blog and how it is doing. I got lots of blogs. Sometimes it is just so difficult to share things when time is not enough. I really want to impart to my dear readers, visitors and blogger friends lots of things; ideas, thoughts, personal experiences and a lot more...hope to do it from time to time..

If ever I can't share it in this blog, please visit my other sites for more updates..

A very good friend Carlota informed before I left to USA , that was sometime end of April, that this blog have a PR4. Of course, I was really happy. After lots of hard work, time, effort and dedication, I gave to my blog, I believed I must be awarded..I am really happy!!

Base on mypagerank.net this blog as of today have the following stats;

PR: 4
GIP: 411
GBL: 343
YIP: 62
YBL: 10,771
MIP: 230
ALR: 634,943

I don't exactly know if this stats are concrete or exact. Just like for example if I go to the real Alexa website, it's link popularity stat is 690,988 instead of 634,943 per mypagerank.

I can only say, whatever stat this blog has, this blog was made possible thru my hard work and dedication and of course coupled with the inspiration of my dear readers, visitors and blogger friends..Thank you very much for all your support!!

have a happy day to all!!

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