Biggest cactus I have ever seen!!

These are the biggest cactus I have ever seen in my life. As far as I can remember, these are located near Wells Fargo Bank near the Chinatown here in Las Vegas...sorry again, don't remember the exact street here in Vegas..

well, I don't care if people looked at me when I took this photo..besides they don't know my business....Is that right guys????

I believed these cactus are already hundred years old..I remember my cactus before back in my garden in Mindanao, Phils...I had some 10 years old ones but still about these giant ones!!! really great!! I love it!


Mira said...

These cactus are interesting, I guess when you're accidentally pushed towards them, you'll get stuck for good ;-) Hey until when will you be in Vegas? Poor hubby of yours he must be missing you terribly already, lol. Have fun though.
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Euroangel said...

Hi Mira..thanks for visiting