Paris, Las Vegas

I am still a bit tired after how many nights of escapades here in Las Vegas. We always go out almost every night especially watching the band of my cousin in Bally's here in Vegas.

Near bally's, you can find also Paris. They said that if you want to see different places in the world, just visit Las Vegas and you have everything here from Disneyland, to Egypt, Paris, Venice and a lot more.

This is how amazing and fabulous Las Vegas is!!!

to all my dear friends, I will attend and visit you again once my vacation is over...
more patience please!!! wish you all a great Sunday!!

God bless us all!!

inside Paris here in Las Vegas

I had finally seen paris!!!
hope to visit next time the real Paris in France once I go home to Germany!!


Jean Marie said...

wow! i wish i could go there someday!
by d way, can we exchange links? mine is

twinks said...

hoy laagan...paibog ay! huhuu..
sis natapos na nako study ang layout..hehehe.. kabalo na, karon nga week i'll matapos na nako imoha.. :] ingat diha pirmi...mwhugs!

Euroangel said...

hi jean marie..thanks 4 passing by...

sis twinks...cge lang uy...wa mana gidalian...hehehe...sori ha busy jud pirmi beauty ug laag kuno...thanks sa mga sponsors...hahaha...ct diha...mizyah..

Norm said...

wow! ganda ng place.. sis ask ako favor sayo kung pwede vote mo sister agring ko AM I SEXY? here daily yan na pa contest ni dae carlota ha until saturday ang votes mo daily..