Palm Trees in Las Vegas

As we drove my sister to her work place, I was able to see a bit of las Vegas. While stopping at one of the gasoline station, I spotted this Palm Tree. It is my first time to see this kind of palm tree. It is really beautiful!! simple beauty like this need to be appreciated!!!

Have a great Wednesday to all!!!


Jojo said...

Oi day...sorry wala jud ko nakareply nimo about Las Vegas. Layo man nang Las Vegas sa amoa oi. Colorado man ang amo dapit.

It appears that you had fun. Sus oi bongga man kaayo ang bakasyon - from Euro to US.


Euroangel said...

hi jo, ok ra uy...syalan man layo man dako man diay ni kaayo usa...hehehe..di pareho germany, puede ra malibot sa train..hehehe..thanks