I Love Las Vegas

The entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. We went last saturday night at Fremont street here in Vegas. There were a lot of people at the famous street in downtown Fremont. It seems like there was a feast like the October Feast in Germany.

There were lots of people that time because there were singer artist who performed. Really very fabulous.

I still have to write more updates but I always don't have time since I am just borrowing the pc here...so sorry guys...i hope to visit you soon..

Las Vegas Club at the famous Fremont Street
the new hired model of the street...bwahahaha!!

a pose with the beautiful bar girls...don't forget to give a tip!!

nagsabog ng lagim si rubybenz....hek ek ek!!!


twinks said...

sis mao na bagong work nimo diha sa las vegas? MODEL? ikaw jud ha... hehehe..
mingaw nako nimo sis oi.. asa naman ka dapita karon? busy jud ko ba, kapoy kaayo.. ang imong blog na pa jud nako natapos..cge pako study sa mga paatik..pg maperfect na nako akoa jud himoon.. :]

Euroangel said...

elow sis twinks...mizyah na pud uy...cge lang human ni diri ako laag...back to normal na pud...hehehe....ok ra uy..take ur time...way kurat na..not in a hurry...tc..salamat kaayo ha!