To USA Instead of Pinas!!

Days are running so fast..Instead of going home to Philippines, I am going instead in USA..I am having a feeling of complexity...I don't know what lies ahead in USA..but I will try to see what life offers there..Besides only God's know what's best for me!! I love Europe and I love Germany..After knowing a lot of things in Germany including its culture and tradition, language and its people, I simply fall in love with this country..

a photo during my last vacation in 2006 to my home country Philippines..This is in Sagbayan Peak, Bohol, Phils., where we stayed for some days..


Carlota said...

i'm sure excited na jud ka. hopefully maka anha mi sa vegas sab para magkita ta hehehe.

hey this blog has PR4 sab wow again congrats!

Euroangel said...

kuratan man pud ta nimo dae Carlots..hahaha...salamat uy!!