Sunday Escapades!!

I am only posting here some photos for today escapades..for more details please visit Simply The Best and The World Wide Web Addict...thanks a lot!! i'm really very sleepy already...promise to see you again tomorrow!!! bye!!

the church St. Lorenz in Berching (below) was built in 883 as as stated above...sorry don't have a full pix from the church as it is under construction as we went today!!

this is another Church in Berching ...the Assumption of our Lady Church..

the very beautiful painted ceiling of Our Lady of Assumption Church..this is where their organ is also located..see from above!!

inside the walled town of Berching..a lot of people were here today as they had a feast in the morning..we was there there around 3:00 pm already..

the altar of Maria Himmelfarht Kirche.. Our lady of Assumption Church
also a very beautiful church


Beth said...

Hello waffa Ruby.. how are you this Sunday? I hope all is well

Euroangel said...

hi dae Beth...salamat sa bisita