Spring Green!!

It is spring time now!! Our surroundings are starting to get green again!! it is such a happy and lively feeling seeing the plants, trees and flowers to start growing again turning to green..As we were on our way to Neumarkt, I took some photos..well being a photo addict!! wink!!

Today was a very wonderful sunny Sunday!! But again the weather forecast announced that the weather in the coming days will be cold and rainy again!! Typical spring weather..I believed it is normal because trees and plants need water to start growing again!!

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we stopped by quick to take some photos of these sheeps...the owner was a little bit angry as I took some photos..I am thinking that the sheeps will run if they see us and that's probably the reason why the owner look mad!!!

fields are starting to get green again..this is in Velburg as we drove at the back road to see small towns while heading to Neumarkt..

leaves are growing now....nice to see the trees having green leaves again!!

Bye bye for now!! see you again tomorrow!!


Li Barreto said...

Here in Brazil is 32 degrees Celsius, more or less 89,6 Fahrenheit (I think!). Which part of Germany are you? I'm live in Brazil - MaceiĆ³ (look in the internet, pleae! It's a beautiful city!)

Sorry, I don't know English very well!


Li Barreto

Euroangel said...

thanks for visiting me here!! happy to see you here paulo!!