Remembering Cebu Sinulog!!

It just came out of my mind.. remembering Sinulog in Cebu..what is Sinulog anyway??I will upload photos tomorrow since blogger photo uploader is not up now...hope you got a great day guys..will try to visit you asap when time permits...just so so busy!! thanks for all your visits and messages here!!

The Sinulog is an annual festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City, Philippines. The festival honors the child Jesus, known as the Santo Nino (second n is like nyo) patron of the city of Cebu. It is a dance ritual that commemorates the Filipino people's paghan past and their acceptance of Christianity.

The festival features a street parade with participants in bright-colored costumes dancing to the rhythm of drums, trumpets and native gongs. Smaller versions of the festival are held in various parts of the province, also to celebrate and honor the Santo Niño. There is also a "Sinulog sa Kabataan", performed by the youths of Cebu a week before the grand parade.

Recently, the festival has been promoted as a tourist attraction, with a contest featuring contingents from various parts of the country. The Sinulog Contest is usually held in the Cebu City Sports Complex..


Ozzy's Mom said...

you are from Cebu pala??

Sinulog is such a big thing here.

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hi Vannie..will visit you asap...