Physical Therapist

I am still having some unfinished appointments with my Physical Therapist. As of now I still need 3 appointments more so it will be over.. Ever since I am having some pain in my back, I already begin to made some PT appointments. Until now, I don't feel so much pain any more as compared before. At Reha Werkstatt Physiotherapie in Parsberg, I am very well contented with their services.

I was already before in two other PT's but I was not contented with their services so I decided to change to RWT. The employees their don't only give good massages but they are also very friendly. Thanks especially to Susi , Martina and other more great employees there. My husband also made some appointments here until now after having an accident and broke his ankle. He is also contented with their services.

Thanks a lot guys for all your good work!! Keep it up!!

with Martina, another PT employee

with my PT Susi...keep up the good work!!!


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