I Love to Cook!!

I love to cook!! My husband and family said that I can cook very good!!! wink!!'s one menu I made at Lily's house last Wednesday..My friend Maria brought the fishes...anyway during that day, we are like crazy that we cooked a lot of food..To mention some which include Dinuguan, Nilagang Buto ng baboy, Ginataang isda, Paksiw na Isda, Fried Tilapia and this one below, the sweet and Sour Fish..sarap talaga!!! taste very yummy!! Can you imagine only four people ate those foods...just kidding, we took home some... we can't afford to eat all!!

fried the fish first...these fishes are called El Dorado

this is the end product!! the Sweet and Sour El Dorado Fish!!! yummy!!
sorry I'm just lazy to write the recipe!! hope to share it to you next time!!... pantsam lang kasi ang luto ko..hehehe...pantsamba..anyway, I really cook good, sabi nila...wink!!


Beth said...

kalami ba ani oi, Mura diay mo ug nag fiesta dha.

Euroangel said...

Hi beth...mao jud!! hehehe...salamat sa pag-agi

Miah said...

wow kalami sa sweet sour uie.... sus wa gyud koy talent basta luto-luto bah hehehehe...

Mira said...

Hey Ruby, pls share your recipe naman of Dinuguan. I've been craving to eat that, but don't know how to make it. The food looks delicious even in pictures. I'm sure they taste even better.
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