I always Love Flowers

I have some tulips too in my garden. I took some photos last time but still did not upload it. These fotos were taken by my friend as they went for sightseeing in Amsterdam. Wish I can visit this place too next time!! Why not!!

very nice flowers!! I just simply love them!!! great!!! such a beauty of nature!!
Wish everyone a very nice Wednesday!!
just let you know that we got snow today!! It's amazing to have snow in the spring time!! wheww!!


jana said...

wow pretty pretty blooms, wala mna dri sa amu oi ka gwafa ba ana,
we miss u at bisdak rubs
thx for stopping by

Beth said...

these are pretty flowers

Anonymous said...

We have a tulip festival every year here in Ottawa (Canada). They are brought and donated from Holland, as a thank you for having the Queen in exile in Canada during WW2.

Agreed, flowers are beautiful!

Euroangel said...

thanks to all of you guys who visitied here...

Jana...musta na??cge agi ko bisdak kadali..
Beth...very pretty it
Zhu..will visit you soon..thanks for d visit