Hohenfels, Germany

after I went to Lily's house, I passed by again in St. Ullrich Church to lit some candles. Everytime I go inside this church, I always took some photos. This is a very beautiful church which was built in 1721. It is just very amazing how Germans (like me hehehehe) preserve and maintain their historical places, culture and tradition. really great!!

Wish everybody a very great weekend!!

inside the church..all paintings here were designed by the famous Asam Brothers

the canal near the Church which has a very clean clear water..some people take water here for drinking and believed that it can cure sickness.

the Grotto of Mama Mary at the back side of the Church

the view of the left side of the Church..this Forellenbach canal is really very clean and has clear water.
at the back is also a small chapel. Hohenfels is also a very peaceful and clean town.
I just love this small town.


AJ said...

hi po..i continue to appreciate the concept of ur site all the more, the lavender motiff is WHEW!
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ps: been voting for u. having the emblem or not, ur a winner already!

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