Flowers in my Garden!!

Spring time for this year officially begin in Germany last March 30, 2008. Spring for this year still have some weird weather. Last Tuesday as I went to my PT session, it was snowing..So people, don't wonder any more about the weather in Germany..You can't trust it!!

Anyway, spring time is here again..I just miss my garden for some months..I am a nature lover and love especially plants and flowers. I got before a small plant and flower business back in Mindanao, Phils...I guess, I posted also here some photos about my garden in Phils...That was my sideline aside from working in a bank. I just enjoy it. It was a hobby turned into business...well, can't do it here in Germany due to different seasons in a year and we don't have that much space.. I only got a small garden.

Below are some flowers in my garden....They are called "Winterhart"..It means that these flowers keep on coming back every year..Almost all our windows inside the house also have plants..I will make some photos next time..

the red Roses!! i just love it!!

Lilies also keep on coming back every year!! real beauty of nature!!

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