Baby Shower of Maria

We gathered today at Lily's house to celebrate the baby shower of Maria..She will be giving birth to a baby boy on June..It is her first baby and of course she is very are some photos we got today...and of course don't forget to have the yummy delicious food!!!!

Please also visit Simply The Best for more photos and updates!! hope you got a great day!!

I'm holding the son of Girlie (not in the pix)..Lily with Jasmine, Maria and Lucil

my expertise kuno!!! the menudo/apritada..requested by Lily..
she tried to cook this but she said that my menudo really taste different

the lumpia made by Girlie...very yummy too!!


Li Barreto said...

Hi! Me again! How are you?

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Euroangel said...

hey Paulo!!thanks for d visit!! see you soon!!