Simply Red Ruby!!

Ruby is red, right??Ruby is also a precious stone!! And my name is Ruby, therefore I am precious!!! I'm happy to hear about that!!! hello!!!.. I just research what really Ruby stone is...dadang!!!! and I got this one!! I also discover another meaning of Ruby which pertains to a certain program in internet..hopefully will post it for you tomorrow..ok

I'm giving you info on Ruby stone.....

Ruby belongs to the category of the costly gemstones. It is a red colored gemstone. Wearer of the unblemished ruby enjoys wealth and property and is blessed with children. He becomes fearless, and is protected from afflictions, sorrow and disasters. He becomes virile and his will power and spirit is strengthened. He occupies a respected position in the society.

A blemished and defective Ruby, or one with a black hue brings troubles for the wearer. If the stone is dull, the wearer's brother gets into distress. Double colored ruby causes distress to the native and his father. The stone with a red sign causes quarrels and disputes. The gemstone with four spots or signs creates fear from wounds and weapons. If ruby is dusty coloured it causes stomach disorders and childlessness. If there is a depression on the stone, the wearer suffers from ill health and loses vitality and stamina. If the ruby is inflicted with many flaws it may even bring death. It is also believed that if the stone loses its color, the wearer is about to become the victim of some distress or disaster. It regains its color when the trouble is averted or over.

Qualities of Ruby:

1. The Ruby, which sprays out red rays in the sunlight, is considered a superior quality gemstone.

2. Ruby glowing in darkness is considered to be of a superior quality.

3. Any Ruby when rubbed on a stone and the stone shows signs of rubbing and also the Ruby does not lose its weight, it is considered to be of a superior quality.

Flaws of Ruby:

Following are the blemishes that may be found in a Ruby:

1. It may be silky.
2. It may be dull, that is devoid of brilliance and luster.
3. It may display an ambiguity of colors.
4. It may be brittle or with cracks.
5. There may be lack of water in it.
6. There may be some cracks in its texture.
7. The ruby may be smoky.
8. The ruby may be dirty or filthy.
9. It may have some on its surface.



Anonymous said...

I love RUBY too.. tong Ruby sa bisdak planet..tong lakwatsera ba.. hahaha mwah! :] the definition and description of ruby suits you sis.. :] you're a gem

Euroangel said...

thanks a lot sistah..ganahan jud ko nimo da!!! luv pud nako si powerpuff girl!! as in super power!! thanks a lot for being a friend here!!!