Migraine Again!!

We just had a crazy weather again...visit Simply The Best and The World Wide Web Addict for more of my rants today..well I'm feeling not good on my head again!! At this moment I am writing this post, the snow is pouring down very heavy outside..we just have a very crazy weather today!!

I also just covered my car outside...we have a small garage but used it as storage.... I need it again tomorrow for my PT appointment ..hope the weather will be friendly tomorrow..back to migraine, I just notice this always coming back when the weather keep on changing..I remember back in the Philippine that I don't have this bad thing called migraine..only here in Germany..

I already go to the doctor and even have CT Scan twice but never found nothing in my head..thanks God!! so I guess the weather that keeps on changing is one of the reason...

I am also happy today for seeing a lot of messages in my tagboard in Simply The Best...thanks friends for keep on coming back and visiting me here..appreciate it..I always visit you the best as I can when time permits..

I got to sign-off and rest for a while!! hope I will feel better!!! I'll visit you soon!!!Enjoy your day!!

do you want/love this weather!!! anyway..I still love Germany

made a pose after I shovelled our walking way

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