I decided to remove today my linker here, as I found out that almost sites/blogs who put their links here did not reciprocate!!! I guess I don't need to apologize!!! just read my post before this post!!!

Again, I appreciate your visit here and I will be happy to see you here, once again!!! Thank you very much!!! I will also be working asap on my linker in Simply the those who did not reciprocate, you will also be deleted... If I found out that a lot did not reciprocate, I might ended up removing it as soon as possible!!! I just also removed my linker in The WorldWideWeb Addict, after finding out that almost 100% did not reciprocate!!!

I hope you understand the meaning of "RECIPROCITY".

Wish you a nice weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...

Mao jud ba usa sa hinungdan nga dili ko ganahan sa linker unya labina kay dili na counted sa technoratti.Sego ko ingon nimo ayaw ko e add sa linker haha. I Always take the effort of adding my friends in my blogroll by writing their url manually. Gud desisyun Ruby nga imo gi tanggal to. Tagay Rubs deri tan-awa huh?