It's Snow Time Again!!!

Wheeeeww!!! what a weather we have now in Germany. I thought it's Easter time. I remember back in the Philippines that during Easter, it is always very very hot as it is during summer time.

Look what we got in Germany....a snowy Easter!!! I was really expecting for a sunny Easter. I thought spring time is coming soon because the past month was already like spring weather. But anyway, no matter what Easter is still Easter!!! God is risen!!! God is alive!!! Hope everyone got a happy Easter!!! Take care!!

Photos I took in our window as we woke this morning....
snow falling down looks like little cotton balls

our neighbor's roof is almost full of snow
Snow time is still beautiful!!

our Garden full of snow..see that small metal like a cross..that's where
I plant a lot of stawberries....hope spring time is coming soon!!


Mira said...

I wonder if we have the same season time. I'm from the Boston area and this is the first day of spring for us. Weather here can be sneaky sometimes. Not because its spring time already, it wont snow anymore. Once upon a time, we had snow storm on April 1st! That is how unpredictable the New England weather is.

TVK said...

Hi there,

Nice site :-)

from Czech Republic,


nice photos! i wish i can touch a snow someday. i haven't been out in the Philippines and i don't know if ever i can get out. hehehe....

Pinay Mommy

Pamps said...

When kaya magkakaroon ng snow sa Philippines??? kidding..hehehe..anyway added this site alread..add my sites also..

Euroangel said...

thanks a lot guys 4 all ur comments!!!