Help Please!!!

Hi guys!! How are you doing??hope everyone is doing great this weekend especially that tomorrow is Easter Sunday!! Christ is Risen!! Really great!!!

well..well to my surprised, what I saw as I opened this blog is that I read a a message in my tag-board that I am nominated as Filipino Blog of the Week!!! I was really amazed until now!! I just feel some happiness as I know that I really work hard for Simply the Best blog!! I also know that without you guys and all friends bloggers in the blogosphere , this blog is nothing!! What I can only say is that, My success is also your success!! You have been a big part of my blogging!!

I would also like to thanks especially all my blogger friends, visitors, readers, mentors and all people who help and made this blog a better one!!

Thank you very much guys for always being there!! I know saying thank you is not enough but I really appreciate everything..

Now I am asking again your help, your time and effort to please go, visit Salaswildthoughts at and PLEASE VOTE FOR Starlight Express!!!!

Below is the sample of the voting badge!!! Please check Starlight Express ..

Vote Now!

Which Filipino blog would you like to be featured for week 101? [please read new rules]

Thank you very much in advance!! I really appreciate everything!!!

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TVK said...

Congrats Rub :-) nag boto nako nimo. Unta makadaog ka. You deserve it. Nindot man sad imong blog impress gani ko. Keep it up.