Google Search

what's up my dear friends???hope everything went well!!!

I just went to Google search bar...typed in my EuroangelGraffiti............
dang!!! I was surprised, it's on the top first list!!! yupeeeyyy..i'm number one there...It means that my site is very searchable..I was really happy!!!

In addition to my joy today, my dearest mentor and web designer Carlota, told me last night that my Simply the best already got a PR of 3....It really made me happy!!! But I'm also sad to know that she got a zero PR...what a pity!!

well, I guess I have to get ready's my first time to vote here now in Germany since I am already a German citizen..I'm just excited to exercise my freedom of suffrage..visit my Political Engagement here!!!..

wish everyone a great Sunday!! take care!!!

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