Expressing My Gratitude!!!

just got the time to visit here now!! maintaining lot of blogs is not need a lot of time and effort..just like blog-hopping, adding linkies in your blogroll, thinking what to write and share in your post and a lot more..I had today a very hectic day as mentioned in Simply the Best .busy jud ko kaayo!! pasensiya na!!! sorry, if I have no time to visit you all guys!!! of course I will if time permits..

Again and again, I want again to express my sincere gratitude to the lady with Dashing Smile,
Carlota aka Choco, author and founder for the very nice and beautiful design of this blog's template. I really appreciate all your time and effort. I know you are always busy with your work and also designing and engineering other friends' blogs but still you still spare your time to also design this blog...

Vielen vielen dank!!! daghang salamat!!! Thank you very much!!! from the bottom of my heart!!! God bless you in your good works and deed!!!

Dear readers and visitors please also visit my friends blogs..they will be happy to see you there!!! Take care everyone!!!


Carlota said...

you are very welcome...i read ur message sa akong tagboard, this layout is for euroangel graffiti remember? sa simply the best imo lang ipa lite ang color sa sidebar. pero segi lang when i get a chance ato na lang nya ilisan ug email me sa color na imong gusto ha. segi ayo2x.

Carlota said...

Rubz- now i remember this layout i made for eurangel graffiti purple color w/c is you have requested. and the simply the best you mentioned you want to change it to terocotta color? ingna lang nya ko ha.