Annoying Pop-ups

I was annoyed (galagot pa jud) yesterday coz a lot of pop-ups were coming up to my computer everytime, I open a new window or visit some blogs!! I was even annoyed that when I opened and signed-in, I was redirected to a new advert window..I thought my computer was already attacked by virus or already got hacked!! (Binuang kaayo..makalagot..hehehe)..I heard from some bloggers that they also have the same problem.

The hacker used the Feedjit script in his/her blog as what my sweet friend sistah Twinks said in her blog. The blog genius Carlota also told me to check my HTML codes in my blogs. But anyway, I was not able to do it besides that I just read her email response now..sorry dear friend but thanks for the info..your really a genius. Thanks a lot guys for your never ending support and infos.. really appreciated it!!..(abi pa jud nako mao ning mga kanahan nga mu-add ra sa ako linker unya di mubalos ug add nako..makalagot pud..hehehe)

And yesterday, I already removed my linker/linkmeup in my 3 blogs ; My Daily Nourishment, Euroangel Graffiti and The WorldWideWeb Addict because almost blogs there did not reciprocate by also adding mine to their blogs.

I am on the process of working on my linker here. If I found out that a lot also did not reciprocate, I might ended up removing this too..So check it out guys if you add your links here or planning to add it..Don't bother to add if you don't reciprocate!!!

If you want to be included in my normal links, just let me know and I would be happy to do so ..but please don't forget to add me too..If it happens that I forgot to add you, please just remind me again and I will try to attend to you asap!!

Lastly, I want to extend my gratitude to everyone who keeps on visiting me here..I am really happy to see your presence here..

Wish you all a very great Sunday!!!

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