Trees in Winter Time

We went last Sunday to a friend's birthday...we drove around 45 minutes to their house..on the way there, the trees during this winter time captured my attention.. We don't have too much snow this winter time compared to the past fact our weather now in our place is like spring time..not so bad because I really don't driving during snow time..

anyway let me continue, even most trees don't have leaves during winter time, I still see it's simple beauty...It just amazed me how really God created all of these marvelous creatures and things on earth..just like the four seasons of the year with each own beauty in it...really here the photos I took last Sunday Feb. 17, '08..

near Velburg, Germany

i love the contrast of this photo...this is not fix.
i'm only using a very simple camera..

trees without leaves during winter time in Germany...
still a beauty of nature

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