Sightseeing at Burg Kallmuenz

Today was a very nice sunny weather. A little bit cold and windy esp. as we went walking at the Ruin Castle in Kallmünz (spelled in English as Kallmuenz). We should only go walking in Hohenfels but changed our minds and decided to drive to Kallmuenz to climb at the Castle there. it is around 15 minutes drive from our place. We passed this way all the time when we drive going to Regensburg. In almost five years of living near this town this is the first time we climbed there.

There are a lot of ways to climb up there. We climbed the first way we found and it was really a steep one. I have been sweating all the time and catching my breath in going up...guess I need more exercise and walking... So what I did was stopped all the time, breathed deep and took pictures. A lot of people were also there. We saw a family with some kids and the parents really have some problems pulling and carrying their carriages.

As we were at the top of the castle, we saw the very beautiful view of the small villages down the hill. The view was really very nice. It was totally a ruined castle. As I can imagine, that was before a very big castle when you see all the ruins of the walls around it.

Today was really a very beautiful day!!! hope you enjoy your Sunday too!!!

up that hill is the Burg Kallmuenz

ruins of the castle

view from the top of the castle

that's the Vils River where the water sometimes grow higher
during rainy season..some houses here are sometimes flooded

view from the top of the castle

that's the tower (Turm) of the castle

Kallmünz is a municipality in the district of Regensburg in Bavaria in Germany.

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