King Ludwig's I Walhalla

Perfect timing this morning as I woke up. Lily called me if I want to go with them to Regensburg. I should normally go grocery shopping. Since she said that I can also do it tomorrow and instead go with them to visit Walhalla of King Ludwig I of Bayern in Donaustauf.
Thanks a lot Lily for the invitation..appreciate it..

Anyway, I already visited this place once. Today was the second time..that was really very nice seeing historical places like this..It is also very amazing how this famous people like King Ludwig I of Bayern or Bavaria built this one. really here some photos for you..will try to post some historical point of view about the famous Walhalla of King Ludwig I in few days!! have a nice evening to all!!

inside Walhalla...all this head sculptors/statues have the names of the famous people
and all the things they contributed in history and also their achievements

inside the middle is the statue of the famous
King Ludwig I of Bavaria

front view of me or of the Walhalla???
that's the Donau Canal or the Danube River

really very amazing work of art

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Lily said...

Hi Rubs ako sab na upload na atong mga pics visit my site too ok doki take care always.