Graffiti the Food!!!

I just can't do nothing today..I decided to take photos on the food I cooked...I'm telling you guys, I'm a photo addict..so don't be surprise if you see photos all the time esp. here in my Euroangel Graffiti Blog..guess "Pictures speaks louder than words" oooppsss... that saying is originally from me..what do you think!! here are the food I cooked...yummy!!!!

the complete food; rice, adobo and pork meat with patola

pork meat with patola (forgot the name in English) . ate patola the first time
today in Germany since you can't find it in the German shops. bought it in an
Indian shop in Regensburg yesterday..thanks to Lily for the ride..

my specialty the famous adobo in the Philippines.

of course with some vegetables too for a healthy body

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