Different positions!!!

My friend Twinks tagged me this one ages ago. I did not knew it, until I visited her site..

taken at Walhalla, Regensburg..i'm ready to fly!!!!

I'm so lazy to search for a better photo. I got thousands of photos already but sorry I don't feel like browsing it in my hard drive.. but I guess this one qualifies already..This was taken last Monday as we went to the famous Walhalla of King Ludwig I of Bayern in Donaustauf, Regensburg. Walhalla was modelled from teh Parthenon of Greece.

Sistah, guess you happy now, got your tag done!!..Thanks a lot Tchel for this tag!!! expose na pud ako beauty..hehehe!!


twinks said...

happy nako kaayo sis :] thanks for posting this one! hoist asa ka lupad man? :]

Euroangel said...

hallo sistah ..ana jud ko pirmi ayaw pirmi katingala ug ana ako posing..hehehe..naa mna gud ko pagka abat..hahaha