A Beautiful Sunday in Hohenfels, Germany

I went walking alone today. The weather was so perfect.It is sunny, a little bit windy and not really cold..My husband went to work, that's why I'm alone. Today was really a very beautiful day..more beautiful because, I was out again, seeing the beauty of nature around my small universe..yup, I love Hohenfels. This is now my new Home.of course, my home country Philippines is still my home and will always be my home.

Since I already knew and adapted Germany's most culture and tradition, I already fell in love with it. The small village where I presently live now is a very interesting and natural one..I love nature and the setting in Hohenfels is just so lovely. It is a very clean, quite and peaceful place. The view around is just so priceless and wonderful.

As I went around walking today, I went to the Schlossberg. It is a castle ruin on top of a small Hill.The Schlossberg Turm (tower) is still well-maintained, as it is also one of the sightseeing here. When you are at the top of the hill, you can witness and see the beautiful scenery around the place. got some graffitis here for you!!

hope you enjoy the rest of the week!!! God bless us all!!

view on top of the Schlossberg..that's our hundred years old church

our leaning tower in Hohenfels..just kidding!!'s my leaning camera
that made this pix like this

I finally got the perfect pose, after a lot of attempts..
I was alone so I have to set the camera now a perfectly leaning pix..

very nice here this or else the cam timer will be off

the station of the cross chapel on the other side of the hill

the other view of our village

view of the church on top of Schlossberg

finally the top super model of Schlossberg castle ruin...

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εїз BorBoLeTA εїз said...

ello, I am silvia of mexico, thanks for visiting my blog, so today I toco visit .. :) .. lol... Have liked to walk out of the place is very nice, something different from my city, continues to climb pictures to know where you live, we are in touch, and receives a greeting and a happy week