Today's Word "lexicon"
lexicon \LEK-suh-kon\ (noun) plural lexicons or lexica \-kuh\ -
1 : A book containing an alphabetical arrangement of the words in a language with the definition of each; a dictionary.

2 : The vocabulary of a person, group, subject, or language.

3 : [Linguistics] The total morphemes of a language. "April Fool's Day is one of the cruelest holidays in our cultural lexicon. When else do we so gleefully dash the hopes of those around us?" -- Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, 'The Dirty Girls Social Club' Lexicon comes from Greek lexikon, from lexikos, "of or belonging to words," from lexis, "a speaking, speech, a way of speaking, a word or phrase," from legein, "to say, to speak."

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