Visit to my Dentist

I have to wake up early yesterday because I had an appointment with my dentist. The reason, my tooth with fillings need to be fixed. Some fillings were already broken and my dentist need to replace it with new ones. I still have have my original tooth but only a part of it is bad.

As I was there in the clinic, my dentist asked me if I want to have an anesthesia injection to avoid the pain. I told him if it will be very painful then I need one, if not I guess no more. He tried getting the bad brown colored fillings. I really don't feel such pain but a different feeling of , well I don't know exactly how to describe it..I told him to stop boring my tooth because of my strange feeling..I also told him that if the boring will last long, then I need anesthesia injection.

I really don't want to be injected with anesthesia, as I believed that this also have side effects. A long time I knew that this can cause forgetfulness, which is maybe happening to me sometimes. I don't know if that is really true, but I guess yes..guess I need to have some research next time.

My dentist told me that, I don't need anesthesia anymore since he is almost done with getting rid of the bad fillings..Told him that maybe if it only last for 5 seconds will then be ok...well he answered (as if he is joking) that I need to stop my watch then...Until the boring was done, I have to keep my mouth wide open while he is putting the new filling. I almost felt having a locked jaw opening my mouth for almost 30 minutes.. Thanks be to God, it's finally over.

I believed he is a good dentist(aside that he speaks very good English) compared to my previous one, who cannot even speak English and at that time I don't speak and understand any German words yet . I am satisfied with his work and went out from his clinic happily.

After my appointment there, I did my weekly rounds which to go shopping for groceries. As usual, some prices are getting high again. What can I do but to buy those products because we consume it everyday. That was also a freezing cold day yesterday.

I already got home in the afternoon and did some household chores. That was a fine day aside having my new fillings in my teeth.

Wish each and everyone a very pleasant day!! Take care!!

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